Policies & Procedures

Have a question about registration or licensing? Or perhaps you’re looking for more information on travel and reimbursements? As a resident at UBC, there’s a lot to know.

That’s why we’ve created a single page including all PGME policies and procedures, which is designed to guide and protect you, the Faculty of Medicine, and the University in the conduct of day-to-day business.

The policies included on this page are derived from a variety of organizational groups and regulatory bodies.

Please note that updates to Policies and Procedures may occur throughout the year. The most current version of each policy can always be found on this site.

For reimbursement of expenses resulting from mandatory rural rotations, academic half-days, community rotations, or course fees, residents must complete and submit the reimbursement form available on the PGME website here.

Policy 015 - Accommodation Policy - Mandated Rotations
Policy 016a - Resident Mandated Travel and Reimbursement Policy
Policy 016b - Resident Mandated Rural Outreach Rotations Travel & Reimbursement Policy
Policy 017 - Reimbursement Policy for Rotations Requiring Extended Commutes
Policy 018 - Geographically Distributed Travel and Reimbursement Policy 

Policy 021 (Current) - Postgraduate Medical Education Resident Assessment Policy (as of July 1, 2018)
Policy 021 (Superseded)- Resident Evaluation, Remediation, and Probation Policy
(Resident Evaluation, Remediation, and Probation Policy was replaced by Policy 021 - "Postgraduate Medical Education Resident Assessment Policy" effective July 1, 2018. Resident Evaluation, Remediation, and Probation Policy is relevant only for remediation or probation processes initiated before July 1, 2018)
Policy 022a - Resident Evaluation of Faculty
Policy 022b - Resident Evaluations of Educational Experiences
Policy 023 - Resident Appeal Policy

Resident Education Abroad Agreement (PDF)
Application for Waiver of Training After a Leave of Absence from Residency (PDF Version / Word Version)
Resident Consent for Release of PGME File and ITERs Form (PDF Version / Word Version)

Resident Remediation Letter and Outcome Form (Word)
Resident Probation Letter and Outcome Form (Word)
Notification of Part-Time Residency Training (Word)