Resident Reimbursements

Resident Reimbursement Policies

Find the reimbursement polices and guidelines to help you plan for distributed training.

Policies and tools

PGME Pre-approved Mandatory Courses 2022-2023

  • PGME will process reimbursements up to the maximum amount (if applicable) to residents, provided that the course they are claiming is on this list and is required for their program per PGME Mandatory Course Policy. If your program has a mandatory course that is not included in this list, you are required to submit a request to PGME for pre-approval. Please complete the Mandatory Course Request form and submit it to Luyi Yang for any additional course approval requests by July 31, 2021.

Academic Half Day Program Survey 2022-2023

Policies and Procedures page

Resident Travel Allowance Tool

  • PGME offers the use of the Resident Travel Allowance tool to simplify the process of requesting pre-approval from PGME for additional travel expenses. Residents will be able to check the maximum amount they can claim by picking a city in the “from” and “to” drop-down list using this Resident Travel Allowance Tool. Please note: should residents need to travel to and from locations that are not included in the drop-down list, and want to claim beyond the standard maximum, they will still have to follow the standard pre-approval process and make a request before making travel arrangement.

Mileage Grid

  • PGME offers the use of a mileage grid to increase the efficiency of reimbursement processing. Google Map printouts are not required in reimbursement claims if the sites are included in the grid.

Submitting Reimbursements and FAQs

The Resident Reimbursement Site is where one can submit a reimbursement claim for expenses incurred as a result of mandatory rotations, academic half-days, community rotations, or course fees that are covered by PGME. Complete this reimbursement form to claim expenses.

UBC Workday is where one can submit a reimbursement that comes from the Resident Activity Fund and other Department/Program Funding sources. Residents are considered “students” in the Workday system and will not have login access themselves. Program staff will need to login to Workday and initiate student expense claims of behalf of residents. Please see this document for additional details and instructions.

Common questions and answers (last updated: July 7, 2022)

What is the link to the Resident Reimbursement Site?

I can’t login to the Resident Reimbursement Site. What should I do?

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  • The username for this site is your CWL login ID.
  • The password is the CWL Login password
  • Some residents may have issues logging in the site in the initial attempt
  • The issue can be resolved by resetting the CWL passwords and clearing browser cache
  • Residents should also check if there is another CWL Login ID associated with their Student EAD Account
    • Go to
    • Login using your CWL username and password
    • Go to “View/Update Login Details” section
    • Use the CWL login ID in bold that linked to Student EAD Account
  • If you still have issue with logging in, please contact Luyi Yang at
  • Please include your CWL login ID in your email

Are there manuals available to approvers and residents?

See downloadable manuals available

How do we update the approvers for our program?

Please send the new approver’s information to

Will I receive notification on pending claims for review?

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  • Primary Approver receives daily notification on pending claims. Items that are submitted for review will be included in the notification next day
  • Secondary Approver receives weekly notification on pending claims
  • Department Approver receives daily notification on pending claims

Can program administrators submit claims on behalf of residents?

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  • Program administrators can submit claims on behalf of residents. Please ensure you replace the name in the Resident box on the form to the resident’s name. Program Approver will still need to approve forms that are submitted on behalf of residents

Can I submit Resident Activity Fund(RAF) expenses through the Resident Reimbursement Site?

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  • No. Please follow the original procedure within the program and submit the RAF claims to UBC Financial Operations

Can I submit mandatory rotation expenses that are foreign funded (ie. Visa-trainee) through the Resident Reimbursement Site?

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  • No. Please submit a BCIRPA form for mandatory rotation expenses for foreign funded Visa trainees

How will I receive my reimbursed money?

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The default payment method is direct deposit (EFT).

Will I get notifications when forms are pending for action?

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Residents must update their work emails in the site to receive notifications. Instruction on how to update work email is available in page 1 of the Resident’s Manual.

I am a BCY resident. Should I submit my reimbursement forms to the BCY Program or my home program?

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All expenses incurred while in BCY Residency Program should be submitted to BCY Programs for approval. Please ensure the appropriate BCY site is selected in the “Program” box on the Resident Reimbursement Form.

I have multiple round trips to/from the same locations. Do I need to add multiple Expense Details sections on the form to claim all trips?

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Residents are welcome to submit multiple round-trips by listing them in multiple Expense Details sections, or lump the mileages for all trips and enter the total mileage in one Expense Details section. Please note: it is important that the exact travel dates are provided in the comment section or in the attachment if you choose to enter the total mileage in one Expense Details section. Forms will be returned if the exact travel dates are missing.

How do I find out about the status of my reimbursement forms and where they are pending at?

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  • The status of reimbursement forms are located at “My Request”.
  • The status “Pending for Program Approval” means the forms are under review by your Program/Site Admins.
  • The status “ Pending for Department Approval” means the forms are under review by the Department Office for approval. Example: for Family Practice, the Department Office is the Family Practice Postgrad office.
  • The status “Pending for PGME Approval” means the forms are under review by the PGME office.
  • The status “Approved” means the forms are approved by PGME and are ready for payment processing
  • The status “Completed” means forms have been sent for payment processing. Payment will be sent within 2 weeks of the completion date.
  • The status “Resubmit for Review” means the forms are returned to residents for further action.
  • The status “Rejected” means forms are rejected by approvers.

Useful Forms

Various reimbursement forms to help you recover expenses.


VCH On-Call Parking Reimbursement Form

On-call parking reimbursement requests are submitted separately using this form. Residents working at hospitals within Vancouver Coastal Health should fill out this form and submit directly to VCH Payroll and Karen Chow. The form must be signed by the Program Administrator. All other residents should submit their on-call parking reimbursement requests through the hospital where they are working.

Missing Receipt Form

Fill out this form when your original receipts have been lost, misplaced or stolen and you need to submit an expense reimbursement request. Verifiable transactions only. Proof of payment must be submitted with this form.