Learning Environment Modules

Resources for discussions and reflections on learning environment topics

Creating a learning and working environment that is respectful, inclusive, and diverse is a priority for the Faculty of Medicine as outlined in the Culture Transformation plan. Though most learning environments at UBC are viewed very positively by residents and faculty, from time to time challenges or negative experiences can occur. Faculty and residents now have access to resources for discussion as well as improvement in our efforts to realize an optimal learning environment for all. The resources address learning environment related topics by describing a scenario to explore and providing questions to facilitate conversations.

These resources are for faculty and residents. We encourage everyone to use it in a blended model by reviewing the resource individually followed by group discussions in a safe environment.

Learning Modules (more modules coming soon)

Topic 1: Gender Bias in the Learning EnvironmentTopic 2: Resident/Nurse Relationships: moving from transaction to collaboration
This module provides guidance for faculty, learners and staff on how to address actions that prevent learning environments from being an inclusive and equitable space.
Click to begin: Gender Bias in the Learning Environment
Coming soon!

If you would like to facilitate a discussion using the resources and would like support, please email fac.dev@ubc.ca for consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these resources for?

  • The resources are for faculty and residents in the PGME learning environment.

What if I am unsure about how to facilitate a discussion?

  • Reach out to fac.dev@ubc.ca for support with facilitating a discussion using the resources.

Will I get a completion certificate for completing this resource?

  • No, there is no completion certificate associated with this resource.

Can I do this module on my own instead of as a group?

  • Yes, faculty and residents are welcome to go through the resource as a self-study, though we strongly encourage group discussions for meaningful change.

How were these topics identified?

  • The topics were identified through a survey of residents on the learning environment at UBC.

What other topics are coming?

  • There will be 10 topics addressed in total. Please contact fac.dev@ubc.ca for more details on topics and timing.