Prescription Privileges

A new method going forward

As of July 2021 onward:

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC has updated the way in which prescribing privileges are issued to postgraduate residents entering UBC training programs from July 2021 onward.

Note: this change will not impact existing UBC residents, resident electives, postgraduate trainees, or postgraduate fellows.

New learners entering residency in July 2021 will no longer be required to submit a prescription request through their program to be signed by the Dean, who would then submit the request to the CPSBC.

Instead, residents prescribing medication (including narcotics, but not methadone) will be provided with a prescription pad that will include their printed name and CPSID. Post graduate residents are required to add the name of their supervising physician to the prescription at the time it is issued. A question and attestation will be included in the 2021 online application for postgraduate resident registration and licensure to ensure that all new residents have these privileges immediately upon entry into a UBC training program.

  • This change will greatly increase efficiency within the hospital and provide greater outcomes for learners, their supervisors, and their patients.
  • This change will only affect new residents from July 2021 onwards, and has no bearing on current trainees.

This change is detailed in this document at length, along with further information. Please download and read the communication from the CPSBC.

If there are any residents entering UBC residency who should not be granted prescription privileges, the College should be notified immediately with correspondence addressed to Corinne de Bruin, Executive Director, Registration.

All questions regarding the new privileges should be directed towards Delfa Balagot.

The form for Fellows can be found here.

Previous method (to be phased out by July 2021)

Requests for prescription privileges are submitted to the PGME Dean’s Office by Program Administrators on the behalf of their trainees. Requests will then be reviewed by the Dean’s Office and submitted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC) for processing.

Resident – Request for Prescription Privileges

Postgraduate Fellow – Request for Prescription Privileges

Prior to submitting a request for prescribing privileges, you are advised to review the information from the College’s Drug Programs located on the College website here.

Please note that any contact information you provide when ordering prescription pads should be specific to you, such that a pharmacy could contact you directly with any questions.