Practice Management

Setting up a practice — whether independent or part of a group practice — can be a daunting task. There are many steps to take, and decisions to make along the way. Some of these may include exploring whether to rent or buy a space, hiring office staff, selecting an electronic medical record program, learning to bill or evaluating an existing group practice.

The below modules will walk you through some of the considerations you should make before setting up a practice. For more information on seminars covering these topics, visit the Events page.

Transition Into Practice Events

Electronic medical records

There are many considerations you will need to make before selecting an electronic medical records (EMRs) program for your office. The module below addresses some of the issues that need to be considered before making your choice.

CMA Module: Electronic medical records

Evaluating an established practice

It is flattering to be asked to join an established practice, but it is important to make sure it is the right set up for you. The module listed below addresses what questions to ask and situations to avoid when evaluating a practice.

CMA Module: Evaluating Practice Opportunities – Specialists

Setting up your medical or clinical office

Starting an office from scratch allows you to set up your office to meet your specific needs; however, there are many considerations you need to make so that it runs smoothly. These considerations are addressed in the module below.

CMA Module: Setting up your medical or clinical office

Staffing and human resources

Few residents are familiar with the employment standards that regulate staff hiring and termination. Before you start hiring staff you should familiarize yourself with the employment standards to avoid getting yourself into a sticky situation. The module below addresses these issues and others related to staffing and human resources.

CMA Module: Staffing and human resources


GP Billing

Although you have worked hard, you will not get paid until you have submitted your billings to MSP. Learning to bill effectively will prevent delays in payment.

Specialist Billing

Although there are many billing codes, there are some common codes that you should become familiar with so that you can bill effectively for the work that you do.