Mandated Distributed Housing

What is mandated housing?

In efforts to support residents, the Postgraduate Deans’ Office (PGME), has arranged for limited leased accommodations at training sites throughout the province for residents’ use during mandated rotations. The Collective Agreement between HEABC and RDBC outlines the following: 


Those Residents who are required, as part of their training, to leave the base Hospital on
mandatory rotations will be reimbursed for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

The PGME support aims to provide some pre-paid accommodation in regularly used distributed training locations so residents do not have to incur out-of-pocket expenses. Where leased accommodations are not available, residents are required to secure their own housing as per the reimbursement provisions in the Collective Agreement (see Accommodation Policy – Mandated Rotations and Resident Mandated Travel and Reimbursement Policy). 

Will I be sharing housing with another resident?

Some of UBC’s Mandated Housing units have more than one bedroom, and residents may be placed in a shared accommodation. Placements are decided at random, and the date of request has no bearing on housing assignments.   

Can my partner/family stay with me during a mandatory rotation?

Your partner is welcome to join you if you are confirmed in a private, non-shared suite. Most UBC accommodations are one-bedroom suites, therefore, may not be suitable for a family.   

UBC’s mandated housing portfolio is intended to support the resident travelling to rural locations, and therefore the support only extends to a 1 bedroom accommodation, either a private or shared suite depending on the community availability.   

Please contact if you have questions about additional occupants staying with you in mandated housing.

Can my pet stay with me on a mandatory rotation?

Pets are not permitted to stay in UBC leased accommodations. Please refer to the Policies regarding travel on mandatory distributed rotations. Breaking policy may result in a resident’s ineligibility to stay in UBC leased accommodations or receive reimbursement for housing costs during future mandatory rotations.  

How are UBC leased accommodations assigned?

UBC leased accommodations are assigned at random, not by date of receipt. PGME does not accept requests for specific suites.  

What am I responsible for?

Residents are required to sign a PGME Resident Accommodation Agreement prior to their stay in UBC leased housing. This document outlines Resident responsibilities during their stay in leased housing. 

When will I be notified if housing is not available?

You will be notified 2-3 months prior to the start of your rotation if leased suites are over capacity and PGME is unable to provide housing for you. Therefore, you will need to source your own housing and will be eligible for reimbursement in accordance with Resident Mandated Travel and Reimbursement Policy.   

Accommodations exceeding $1400/block must be pre-approved by the Postgraduate Dean’s Office in advance of securing the housing with a minimum of four weeks’ notice and may not be approved for full reimbursement. 

If I need to source my own housing, how much will I be reimbursed for housing?

You are eligible up to $1400/block. Accommodations exceeding $1400/block must be pre-approved by the Postgraduate Dean’s Office with a minimum of four weeks’ notice.  

Please refer to the PGME website for the Policies and Procedures on Resident reimbursement requirements related to travel on mandatory distributed rotations.

How do I submit my reimbursement claim for housing?

When will I receive my confirmed housing location and details?

You will receive all the housing information 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the rotation along with location and check-in information.  

What if I decide to source my own housing and not stay in UBC leased accommodations?

You are required to notify the Mandated Housing Coordinator when they originally confirm your booking. If you choose to find alternate accommodation, you will not be reimbursed for this additional expense.  

Will my housing be located within walking distance of the hospital?

Mandated housing accommodations are all required to be on a designated public transportation route to allow residents access to the hospital if they do not have a car.  Most Postgrad secured leases are not within walking distance of a hospital.

Will transportation costs be reimbursed during my mandatory rotation?

Daily transportation to and from work is the responsibility of the resident. Rental car costs are not eligible for reimbursement. Call-back shifts are the only transportation expenses eligible for reimbursement, as per 22.01 of the Collective Agreement. 

Who do I contact if I know someone who would be interested in leasing a suite to UBC?

While staying in mandated housing, who do I contact if I have concerns with the suite or landlord?

The Mandated Housing Coordinator can be contacted at and would be happy to answer questions or address any concerns so issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.