Transition into Practice


The transition from resident to independent clinician is an exciting time. But like any life change, it can be stressful. While you’re certainly a knowledgeable clinician, there are a number of often overlooked practical considerations to take into account before you can successfully get out there and practice.

This is where the Transition Into Practice (TIP) program website can help — and you can access it at any time during your residency training. TIP has specific goals and outcomes that are all oriented to help you ease into your practice as smoothly as possible.

This program cannot meet all of your needs, as there are many specialty-specific issues related to clinical practice post-residency. But hopefully, in conjunction with your program director, we can help make the transition a little smoother.

Our Vision and Objectives

The TIP program prepares all residents for their transition into practicing medicine. We do this by supporting resident learning on a wide range of “next step” topics, including: how to develop a medical curriculum vitae, how to get a job, and getting your finances in order.

We provide curated information on key financial, legal, and career-planning sessions that are delivered continuously throughout the year.

The TIP program consistently liaises with the various PGME Program Directors to ensure that your needs are always being met and that the information we provide is always relevant.

The TIP program collaborates with the Resident Wellness Office to uphold Physician Wellness and constantly support the mental and physical wellbeing of our residents.