How To Find a Job

Are you prepared? See below for tips on how to begin your job search as well as guidance on writing a medical CV and preparing for interviews.

Finding a job in your field

This topic is covered in more detail in the Transition Into Practice seminar series. Visit the Events page to find out more.

Transition Into Practice Events

There are many ways to find job opportunities in your field.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth is still the most common way our residents find out about a new job opportunity. If you enjoy the environment you work in — and the people you work with — chances are your colleagues also enjoy working with you. If you are interested in continuing to work in your current environment, set up some time to speak to a senior staff member to explore job possibilities and learn about existing — or future — positions.

Health Match BC
Health Match BC is a free health professional recruitment service funded by the Government of B.C. The site offers a database — searchable by profession and region — of all part-time, full-time, and locum positions listed by B.C.’s health authorities.

The following reports outline the current vacancies by specialty DTFV-Physician-Vacancies-Report-by-Speciality-Q2-2018  and region DTFV-Physician-Vacancies-Report-by-Region-Q2-2018

The BC Medical Journal (BCMJ) has a classifieds section, which advertises positions for both specialists and GPs around the province.

Divisions of Family Practice
There are currently 35 Divisions of Family Practice in B.C. These divisions are community-based groups of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals, including GP recruitment. Visit the website and browse by region to learn more about career opportunities in communities across the province.

Locum Listings
The Society of General Practitioners of BC provides an up-to-date list of GP locum positions available throughout the province. is a physician-run website featuring resources and jobs in Canada, especially for BC.

Job Fairs
Attending a job fair is not only a useful way to learn about new job opportunities, but can also be a great chance to network with those in your field. Be on the look out for job fairs throughout the year. Oftentimes, these fairs are held in partnership with Provincial or Annual Medical Meetings. UBC’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) unit also hosts an annual job fair (the Practice Survival Skills Conference) in June, in conjunction with the Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) office.

Visit the Transition Into Practice Events page to find out more.

Writing a successful medical curriculum vitae (CV)

Having an up-to-date and professional looking medical CV is important for finding the job you want. On average, most employers will spend less than a minute reviewing a single CV, so it is important that your CV is up-to-date, error free, and well laid out.

Use the following resources to write a professional medical CV.

Health Match BC guide: Preparing a medical CV

A cover letter should accompany your CV. Visit Health Match BC for more resources, including a sample cover letter.

Preparing for the interview

Prepare for an interview by reviewing your work experience and relevant skills. You should also review the list of sample interview questions on Health Match BC, and prepare questions to ask your prospective employer during the interview.

Rural Mentoring Program

Did you know that there is a mentoring program established for physicians who are new to rural practice in BC? This program is available both to Family Physicians and Specialist.  Click this link to learn more about this opportunity.