Practicing Medicine in BC

In preparation for entry into the ever-changing landscape of medical practice in British Columbia, we have assembled a variety of resources to help you including seminars and modules.

A good place to start is this short online module from UBC CPD, which introduces family physicians and specialists new to practice in British Columbia (BC), key components of the BC and Canadian health care system Landscape of Health Care in BC and Canada

A good review of the two opioid epidemics in BC and safe opioid prescribing is available in this short module from UBC CPD Safe Prescribing


Doctors of BC Negotiated Benefits

This session covers all of the available benefits provided by the Physician Master Agreement in BC.  These benefits are available to all physicians regardless of practice type or focus.  Benefits include CRPSP, CME, CMPA, REAP, PDI and the Parental Leave Program.  Some benefits are automatic and some require an application.  The details are clarified in this annually updated session.  The Q&A session is typically lively.

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Transition Into Practice Events

Support for Rural Practice in BC

The landscape of medical practice in BC is changing dramatically.  More and more rural communities offer attractive practice options.

Check-out HealthMatch BC for current postings.

Did you know that there is an established mentoring program  for physicians who are new to rural practice in BC? This Rural Mentoring Program is available both to Family Physicians and Specialist.  Click this link to learn more about this opportunity.

Every year, we offer a session on the Rural Education Action Plan, which supports all UBC residents including those transitioning into rural practice.  Join us for a guided tour of the buffet of options supporting physicians who practice in smaller communities and rural areas.  Many of these consultation services are available in real time.

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Transition Into Practice Events

The Big Three: An introduction to WorkSafe BC, ICBC and RoadSafety BC

Starting practice in BC requires a basic understanding of three organizations physicians routinely interact with for their patients who are navigating workplace injuries, motor vehicles injuries or driver’s license renewal.

The following module is recommended to get you started:  Introduction to WorkSafeBC & ICBC

In addition, we offer a session by RoadSafety BC.  This government agency is tasked with ensuring all licensed drivers meet medical fitness criteria.  Join us for this engaging session highlighting the step-wise process and assessment forms required by physicians on patients’ behalf.  Familiarity with this aspect of patient care is useful for primary care providers and an increasing number of specialists.  The RoadSafety team is happy to clarify any confusion in the Q&A portion.

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Transition Into Practice Events

New Opportunities for Physicians in BC

The most up-to-date information regarding Compensation Contracts is maintained by Doctors of BC on their website.  New opportunities are available for Family Physicians, Anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine.  Here is the link:  New Contract Options

Our New to Practice Physician Contracts session will provide an overview of the New to Practice Family Physician Contract available to family physicians who do not have an established practice with their own panel and are interested in providing community longitudinal family practice services.  The session will also provide information on how to access these contracts and the Doctors of BC supports available to family physicians.

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Transition Into Practice Events