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2024 CaRMS R-1 Main Residency Match (R-1 match) Update in British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia has confirmed a new medical residency stream which will be part of the 2024 CaRMS R-1 match. This new stream will be in addition to the existing Canadian Medical Graduate (CMG) stream and International Medical Graduate (IMG) stream in British Columbia. The new stream will be open in the first iteration of the R-1 match to both Canadian Medical Graduates and International Medical Graduates who meet the eligibility criteria. The specialties that will be participating in this new stream are Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiology (Diagnostic) and Urology. For more information about this new stream please refer to the Ministry of Health website. For International Medical Graduates, please be aware that participation in the B.C. IMG Clinical Assessment Program (CAP) is mandatory for all International Medical Graduates applying through CaRMS for first-year residency positions in B.C. The number of CAP positions for 2023 will increase from 300 to 360 to accommodate the increase in applications for this new stream. Please see the IMG-BC webpage for information about the program.

Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) at the University of British Columbia offers specialty and subspecialty training programs recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.


National Truth and Reconciliation Day (NDTR), 2023

A 2021 written report “Reckoning with the Truth, Working Together for a Better Future” documenting UBC’s Faculty of Medicine (FoM) acknowledging the harms that the Canadian healthcare system has inflicted on Indigenous peoples. Within this report, the Faculty of Medicine’s leadership “acknowledges that colonial policies and legislation, as embodied within the Indian Act of Canada, were intended to commit cultural genocide by disempowering and assimilating Indigenous peoples with resultant loss of self-governance, self-determination and identity.”

As a faculty, we are “committed to seeking, learning, and sharing the truth about our role in the oppression of Indigenous peoples”, one being learning how historical acts of violence still manifest in harm today.

The Post-Graduate Medical Education office has asked three Elders, Dr. Elder Roberta Price, Elder Jean Wasegijig, and Elder Yvonne Rigsby-Jones to share their knowledge and experiences of the Canadian health care system. From this interview, the PGME brings two letters to the Faculty of Medicine:

  1. The first being a transcribed love letter from the three Elders, spoken to Indigenous medical students. Click here to read the first letter
  2. The second letter a step forward, for tangible ways we as settler allies can leverage our positions to better stand in solidarity with our Indigenous health leaders. Click here to read the second letter