Personal Financial Knowledge

Increase your knowledge base and confidence, whether you face debt-stress or want more financial know-how.

Financial Literacy

Part of achieving financial wellness involves putting together a team of financial advisors. This team may include an accountant, financial planner and insurance broker. These professionals, in conjunction with the seminars scheduled on our Events page, will provide you with advice on addressing debt, loan consolidation, RRSP, and accounting issues.

We offer the following sessions to increase your understanding of the basics of money management:

  • Money Management Foundations
  • Let’s talk about debt and building your advisory team
  • Investment 101…Show me the money!

Tax Planning

This session covers basic tax vocabulary every physician needs to know and dives deeper into eligible deductions and incorporation considerations.

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Insurance Planning

This session covers the variety of of insurance plans available to a medical practitioner or incorporated practice.

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