List of Services

If your program is interested in having a Resident Wellness Counsellor provide one of our available workshops, you can contact us via e-mail at to submit a request, or click the ‘Book Now’ button below. These workshops are most commonly booked during an academic day, allowing for most residents to attend. The workshops are approximately 60-90 minutes in length. We ask that you try to provide as much notice as possible to allow us to schedule accordingly. A reminder that for those at distributed sites, the following workshops/groups can be provided during one of the Resident Wellness Counsellor’s site visits.

The following workshops are available for you to choose according to the specific needs of the residents in your program, please click on the titles below to learn more:


This workshop’s focus is on building awareness of how your time is used, and learning how to take more control over your own time, even within residency.  Principles of time management are introduced and explained, procrastination is addressed, and techniques for effective time management are provided.

This workshop’s focus is on mindfulness and its relevance to the practice of medicine.  It reviews what mindfulness is and the seven pillars of mindfulness practice.  This involves some experiential exercises and discussion of how mindfulness can be practiced at work and in leisure.

This workshop’s focus is on a Cognitive Behavioural approach to stress management in the context of residency training. It defines and describes what stress is, and it explores the impact that stress has on our emotional health, physical well-being and productivity at work. The workshop also involves group discussion and exploration of common stressors experienced by residents. Finally, the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviour are described, and tools and strategies to manage unhelpful ways of thinking are taught and practiced.

This workshop’s objectives involve explaining why happiness is important and applicable to physicians, defining happiness according to researchers, and identifying ways to increase your own level of happiness and wellbeing throughout residency training. Please inquire about the availability of this workshop.

Group Support

Ice Cream Rounds is a confidential, resident-only group that allows medical learners to connect, offer one another support and share in the highs and lows of residency. Residency can be intense and overwhelming and the sharing of experiences in a safe, non evaluative environment helps residents to feel more connected to their work, one another and ultimately themselves.

Adverse events and unexpected outcomes are a part of medicine. Some can challenge and impact us more than others. Should residents in your program be affected by a traumatic or adverse event, know that the Resident Wellness Office is here to support you by offering voluntary, confidential group debriefing. To find out if this would be the right service for your program please call us for a consultation