CBME in Entrada: Resident Guide

Updated: April 2022 (Entrada v.1.21.2)

Entrada Login

  • This guide will introduce residents and fellows to key features in the CBME module of Entrada.
  • For questions regarding EPA forms or progress tracking in the dashboard, please contact the PGME office at entradacbme.support@ubc.ca
  • If you encounter any technical issues, please contact entrada.support@ubc.ca

Logging in to Entrada

Residents are automatically provided with Entrada access, and can log in with a CWL and password. When you first login to Entrada, you may see that you have profiles for both Undergrad and Postgrad Medicine (indicated by the profile icon, near the top right corner).






Your access may default to your UGME profile, so always ensure that you are logged into your PGME profile. If necessary, open the organization-change icon to switch to PGME.

Triggering Assessments

From the CBME Dashboard, you are able to initiate an assessment by clicking on the green Start Assessment/Evaluation button.








Search for the assessor by first or last name. If an assessor does not have a clinical faculty appointment and cannot request an internal Entrada account, you can add them as an “External Assessor”:






    • Before adding a new external assessor account, first search in the “select assessor” field to confirm that the individual does not have an account (trying several versions of their name, as needed). Faculty accounts are automatically provisioned for all staff with a UBC clinical faculty appointment; attendings may have an account even if they are not aware they are in the system.
    • If they do not appear, click the Add External Assessor button.
    • Enter the assessor’s first name, last name, and email address, then Add and continue the EPA submission process.

Next, add the date of encounter and choose an assessment delivery method. If you choose “Complete and confirm via PIN,” the assessor must have already set up a PIN in the “Account information” tab of their Entrada profile.









Last, select the relevant EPA from the dropdown list. You will only see the EPAs for your current program(s). You will then have the option to preview the form or begin the assessment.

Quick start EPA form trigger

From the Stages Tab of your main CBME dashboard, you also have the option of a quick start EPA form trigger. To access, use the green arrow next to an EPA title. This brings you directly to a specific EPA without having to choose from the list of forms.

Senior resident assessors:

When a resident assesses another resident, the junior resident must trigger the assessment.
A senior resident does not have the ability to initiate an assessment.

Navigating the CBME Dashboard (UPDATED in April 2022)

The resident CBME Dashboard is where you can track your progress across EPAs and stages.


The dashboard includes several tabs to help you navigate your assessment data:

  • Stagesview progress in EPAs, access reports for different completed assessments
  • Assessmentsview completed, in progress, pending and deleted assessments (see details below)
  • Assessment Itemsview individual assessment items
  • Trendssee visualizations of your progress in different EPAs
  • Comments – view all narrative feedback from tasks
  • Visual Summary access an alternate version of your EPA progress overview (see details below)
  • Pinssee comments and assessments you or a competence committee member pinned for reference

Filter Options:

  • On each tab except Stages, you can apply filters to limit what you see on the screen. Filter by date, rotation, EPA, milestone, etc. to narrow your results. Be sure to click “Apply Filters” to have your filters take effect. These filters will stay in place as you move from one tab to another, and even upon logout. Click “Reset” to clear filter settings.

Stages Tab

From the stages tab you can see a summary of your progress across EPAs and stages.




Aggregated EPA report

Each EPA tile can be expanded to view a report that aggregates information from all of your completed assessments for that EPA. (Individual assessments can be viewed in the “Assessments” tab.) If an EPA has part A, B or C forms they will each appear in a separate line. On the right side of the tile, you will see how many EPAs you have completed per O-score. You can click on each number to see an aggregate report for each o-score.

Assessment plan progress badge (updated in Entrada v1.21.2, April 2022)

A badge on EPA cards displays your progress towards meeting assessment plan requirements in each program’s Specialty Committee EPA Guide. These numbers are updated once every 24 hours.










The progress badge indicates progress towards the program’s assessment plan requirements, as written in the Specialty Committee EPA Guide. Calculation of EPA achievement in Entrada is based on the total number of required observations, the program-specific minimum o-score as well as any other additional assessment plan requirements. If you have questions about the assessment plan requirement settings or progress indicators, please contact entradacbme.support@ubc.ca. Form versioning for early launch CBME programs may prevent full incorporation of all assessment plan requirements. PGME Entrada support staff can provide further details.

How Assessment Plan requirements are tallied in the dashboard progress badge:

When a resident has successfully fulfilled the total required observations, but has not fulfilled one or more assessment plan requirements the total achieved count remains at one less than the total until all requirements are met. For example, if you have completed ten of the total required observations, but all were indirect observations and your EPA guide requires a number of direct observations, your dashboard progress badge will read “9/10” until you complete the required direct observations. (The Competence Committee may also choose to wave certain requirements in light of other factors and mark the EPA as approved.)

Form versioning:

Please note that if edits have been made to your EPA forms during the course of your program, your aggregated EPA forms will appear in separate dropdown tiles after you open the “aggregated EPA report” shown above. In the few cases where the EPA title was changed from one form version to the next, each form version will appear in a separate line on the main dashboard. Be aware that your total completed EPAs listed on the dashboard (in the above case, two EPAs for D2), may be split between form version one and two. Click the down arrows (shown below) to expand each form version.

Viewing Outstanding EPAs

Outstanding EPAs

To view all outstanding EPA forms, open the Assessments Tab from the main CBME dashboard. Below the filter settings window, you will have the option to toggle between completed, in progress, pending and deleted assessments.

The In Progress tab lists EPA observations that were either by the resident before delivery, or edited by the assessor and saved in draft form. The Pending tab lists all EPAs observations sent as a blank form. To view the details of delivery method, click the down arrow to the right of each EPA tile.

Program administrators can send reminder notifications to assessors for all outstanding EPAs. Residents do not currently have the ability to trigger reminders in the system.

Visual Summary Dashboard (NEW in April 2022)

To view your EPA data in the new Entrada dashboard, select the Visual Summary tab on the right of the main CBME page.






The blue, green and red boxes show the amalgamated metrics for completed EPAs. The chart to the right visualizes the weekly EPA acquisition rate for a selected period. A date filter option can be accessed via the calendar icon. When this filter is active, assessments in the selected time period turn from regular round points to diamond shaped points.













Clicking the icon on the far left of each EPA section, opens a list of drop-down menus for context variables, such as assessor role or basis of observation. When one or more context variable is selected the EPAs containing that variable will turn from black to red. If items from two menus are selected, only the overlapping observations will appear in red. So if you need to count the number of direct observations for a specific procure, you can work across multiple menus as needed.









Clicking the book icon opens a table displaying detailed information for EPA observations. Sort or search this table by selecting column headers or typing into the field below. This information can also be seen by hovering over individual EPAs in the o-score chart above.










The info icon displays the same assessment plan progress badge that is also visible in the Stages tab. Please see the explanation of this feature there.

Mobile Access

Mobile View

The Entrada webpage has responsive design, making it easier to complete assessment tasks on a mobile device. UBC does not currently support an Entrada app.

NOTE on EPA Forms:

  1. Form 2 (Narrative) form is called a Field Note Form in Entrada.
  2. Multi-source feedback forms are not currently supported in Entrada. Some programs have built their MSF EPAs on a supervisor (form 1) template in Entrada and some are supporting custom options such as Qualtrics surveys. Please inquire with your program for more details.