Finding the balance: UBC Launches new Resident Wellness OfficeMarch 3, 2014On Wednesday, February 26, residents, program directors, faculty and staff gathered at Vancouver General Hospital to celebrate the official opening of The Resident Wellness Office... Read More

A healthy scoop of support: resident’s tasty initiative brings colleagues togetherFebruary 13, 2014At B.C. Children’s Hospital, physicians see everything from broken bones to terminal illness, providing care while paying extra attention to communication. Here, you won’t see any doctors in traditional white coats. “It scares the kids,” states Dr. Megan Kilvert, a first year paediatric resident. Kilvert and her colleagues have gathered in the hospital’s resident lounge, […] Read More

Bringing Alzheimer awareness to the communityJanuary 16, 2014On January 4th, The Alzheimer Society of B.C. and S.U.C.C.E.S.S. kicked off Alzheimer Awareness Month with a forum for Vancouver’s Chinese community. .. Read More

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Resident researchersAugust 6, 2013Medical residents play two roles. They are physicians. But they are often researchers, too. Read More

The double life of pediatrics resident Kristopher KangAugust 6, 2013From the corridors of BC Children’s Hospital to gunfire and bombs, subsistence poverty and rudimentary governance. Read More

Drop and give me 20August 6, 2013To counteract the unhealthy lifestyles of medical residents, Clinical Professor Kam Shojania instituted weekly workouts for his rheumatology trainees. Read More