The Transition into Practice Program continues on its fifth year offering the 'Transition Tuesdays' seminar series. These monthly one-hour workshops, held Tuesdays of every month, will cover a wide range of topics on financial planning, investing, job search, mentoring to billing and auditing. Residents in all levels are welcome to attend.

Seminars are available in-person, virtually via NextGen VC and in recorded version via Canvas (UBC's educational platform).  In-person attendance is highly encouraged.

See below for a list of topics for the year. Please note that registration is required for participation in any format.  To register, click on your topic of choice.

Rm. 11116, 11th Floor, Diamond Healthcare Centre, 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver.

September 3, 2019: Insurance Planning for Residents
Speaker: Renee Brickner
Organization: Doctors of BC

October 1, 2019: Licensing, billing & credentialing in BC: Checklist you need
Speaker: Dr. Noa Mallek
Organization: UBC

November 5, 2019:  Incorporate or not...that is the question
Speaker: Stephanie Laliberte-Baril
Organization: MDFM

November 19, 2019: Driver Medical Fitness: know what you need to know
Speaker: Kevin Murray, RN
Organization: RoadSafetyBC

December 3, 2019: Fees, billing & MSP audits
Speaker: Juanita Grant
Organization: Doctors of BC

December 10, 2019: Locum contracts
Speaker: TBD
Organization: UBC

January 7, 2020: Tax Planning
Speaker: Don Nicholson
Organization: MDFM

February 4, 2020: Contract negotiations
Speaker: TBD
Organization: Doctors of BC

February 18, 2020: So may jobs, so many choices:  Help for Family Medicine Residents
Speakers: Stay tuned
Organization: UBC

February 25, 2020: Are there any jobs out there?  Help for Specialty Residents
Speaker: Dr. Nicole Todd
Organization: UBC

March 10, 2020: Investing 101, show me the money!
Speaker: Stephanie Laliberte-Baril
Organization: MDFM

March 31, 2020: Transition to Rural Practice
Speaker: Various
Organization: UBC

April 7, 2020: What's in it for you?  Benefits of joining Doctors of BC
Speaker: Julie Kwan, Business Development Manager
Organization: Doctors of BC

April 21, 2020: How to get ahead quick: Tips for using Pathways
Speaker: TBD
Organization: UBC

June 2, 2020: How to estimate clinic start-up costs: Clinic Financial Forecast Model
Speaker: Various
Organization: Vancouver Division of Family Practice

July 7, 2020: Financial Literary-IMGs
Speaker: Alphil Guilaran
Organization: Financial Literacy Counsel

This day long event, sponsored by MD Financial Management, Doctors of BC, AryaEHR and the Canadian Medical Association will discuss your financial wellness, professional practice contract/agreement, incorporation as well as practical tips on reducing your medical risk and providing safe medical care.

Date:  November 21, 2019
Time:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Location:  Hardwick Hall, MSAC, 2750 Heather Street, Vancouver
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This day-long event, sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Doctors of BC, covers a wide range of topics, including seminars on starting your medical practice, negotiating, and insurance planning, EMRs and Health Technology.

Date:  March 23, 2020
Time:  8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Hardwick Hall, MSAC, 2750 Heather Street
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Details to be announced in LATE 2019
Topics include:
• Basic office billing for new in practice physicians
• GPSC Billing
• Uninsured Billing
• Obstetrics Billing

*Please note that every specialty in Doctors of BC is represented by a section. The Society of General Practitioners is the Section of Family Practice. SGP membership is free for residents who are members of Doctors of BC. Visit the SGP website for a Simplified Guide to Fees. A video overview of this guide is available here.

The Practice Survival Skills Conference is put on by the UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) unit and covers a broad range of topics essential to starting your medical practice.
Date:  Stay tuned!
Time:  0730-1730
Location:  TBD
Course content
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Topics covered:
o What Family Physicians and Specialists Need to Know About the RACE Line
o Practice Pitfalls: Privacy and Electronic Communication with Patients
o Dollars and Sense: Preparing for an MSP Audit
o Specialist Billing
o Rural Locums – How They Work and Why You Need to Do One
o Licensing, Billing, and Credentialing in BC – Essentials for Residents