Resident Wellness Champions Network

After some discussion, our office is looking to restructure our Wellness Champion Network and Peer to Peer Program into one program that will maximize the value and usage of these programs to residents. We are hoping to launch the start of this new program for the Fall 2020. As such, we are currently putting a hold on any Wellness Champion meetings while the programs are under construction. Our office is of course happy to continue to support current Wellness Champions and residency programs to promote wellness as we work to restructure the programs. Please contact with any questions. 

Residents and subspecialty residents – from any year of training and from any program or site – are eligible to join the network. Wellness Champions are ambassadors for wellness within their residency program/site.
They do this by:

  • Encouraging dialogue around wellness in residency;
  • Sharing wellness communication from the Resident Wellness Office;
  • Remaining familiar with support services and wellness resources;
  • Serving as a wellness contact for peers;
  • Providing feedback to the Resident Wellness Office related to the needs of their program/site.

Importantly, the Wellness Champion role does not involve counselling or advising others. Wellness Champions can comfortably have conversations about wellness-related concerns with peers, and will refer to resources as appropriate. The Wellness Champions Network, involving both residents and faculty, will facilitate the sharing of ideas and critical discussion related to resident wellness at UBC.

Listed below are the identified Wellness Champion(s) for each program.

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Allergy and Immunology - Adult

Raymond Mak, PGY4


Alison Read, PGY5

Hardy Zietsman, PGY4

Vishal Varshney, PGY4

Disha Mehta, PGY3

Martha DiGiuseppe, PGY2

Cole Wong, PG2


Bez Toosi, PGY4

Harry Liu, PGY1

Ian Wong, PGY1

Ilya Mukovozov, PGY1

Diagnostic radiology

Nathan Plaa, PGY4

Emergency Medicing - Fraser

Kevin O’Riordan, PGY2

Emergency Medicine - Interior

Britt Bailey, PGY1

Kerry Spearing, PGY1

Emergency Medicine - Vancouver Island

Adam Thomas, PGY4

Emergency Medicine - VGH

Lauren Arthurs, PGY2

Family Medicine - Vancouver

George Ko, PGY2

Family Medicine - Behavioural Medicine

Linda Reid, Faculty

Family Medicine - Coastal

Sarah Pankratz, PGY1

Family Medicine - Emergency Medicine, Vancouver

Hannah Davis, PGY3

Family Medicine - Kamloops

Lisa Harvey, PGY2

Family Medicine - Nanaimo

Carmen Chornell, PGY1

Family Medicine - Okanagan South

Laura Tamblyn, R1

Family Medicine - St. Paul's

Judith Kwok, PGY1

Jeanette Pedersen, PGY1

Joe Finkler, Faculty

Family Medicine - Rural Northwest (Terrace)

Abe Torchinsky, PGY2

Family Medicine - Surrey

Suhani Thakore, PGY1

Lisa Wang, PGY1

Family Medicine - Vancouver Island, Strathcona

Lily Edelson, PGY2

Family Medicine - Victoria

Erica Reiser, PGY2

Travis Musgrave, PGY2

Abhinav Joshi, PGY1

Talveen Gill, PGY1

General Surgery

Jon Ramkumar, PGY2

Kristin DeGirolamo, PGY3

Annie Lalande, PGY1

Internal Medicine

Rebecca Schnurr-Howsam, PGY3

Saghar Sadeghi, PGY3

Tyler Murray, PGY2

Mitchell Vu, PGY1

Phoebe Cheng, PGY1

Hasan Kular, PGY4

Internal Medicine - Vancouver Island

Jessica Belle, PGY1

Jessica Clark, PGY3

Tyler Wilson, PGY3

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Christina Nowik, PGY7

Medical Genetics

Noor Lail, PGY2

Medical Oncology

Suzana Gilmour, PGY4

Alannah Smrke, PGY5


Chris Uy, PGY3

Nuclear Medicine

Claire Gowdy, PGY6

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Riki Dayan, PGY2

Sarah Mah, PGY2

Jennifer Yam, PGY4


Katie Clapson, PGY4

Grace Qiao, PGY4


Ian Wilson, PGY4


Frederick Kozak, Faculty

Palliative Medicine

Wai Lee (Willy) Phan, PGY3

Pain Medicine

Mike Butterfield, PGY6

Pediatrics - Vancouver Fraser

Meg Kilvert, PGY4

James Harris, PGY1

Mara Tietzen, PGY2

Dianna Louie, Faculty

Janet Greenman, Faculty

Jennifer Druker, Faculty

Laura Sauve, Faculty

Pediatrics - Vancouver Island

Steve Leung, PGY2

Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine

Dzung Vo, Faculty

Pediatric Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Stephanie Erdle, PGY4

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Vikram Sabhaney, Faculty

Pediatric Hematology / Oncology

Melissa Harvey, Faculty

Pediatric Neurology

Mary Dunbar, PGY5

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Jordan Farag, PGY2

Geoff Frost, PGY1

Plastic Surgery / Clinician Investigator Program

Daniel Demsey, PGY3


Jay Ching Chieh, PGY2

Psychiatry - Fraser

Siri Reinbold, PGY3

Psychiatry - Vancouver Island

Kent Comeau, PGY2

Pulkit Singh, PGY4

Public Health & Preventative Medicine

Conrad Tsang, PGY1

Radiation Oncology

Daegan Sit,  PGY1

Rheumatology - Adult

Mohammad Bardi,  PGY4

Chris Nguan, Facult

Chris Nguan, Faculty