PGME Faculty & Staff Wellness Award

The 3rd Annual UBC Postgraduate Faculty & Staff Wellness Award honours faculty and staff members in Postgraduate Medical Education who demonstrate leadership in resident wellness. This award recognizes faculty and staff members located at any site across the province.

Do you know a faculty and/or staff member whose leadership and advocacy has helped to create a healthy residency experience? Nominate someone for the Faculty & Staff Wellness Award today.


– Displays commitment to promoting and advocating for a healthy residency experience;
– Considers all aspects of a resident’s well-being;
– Leads by example: models wellness in daily life;
– Takes a leadership role in influencing the culture of wellness in their department/program.


The recipient must be a current faculty or staff member in UBC postgraduate medical education. This may include program directors, program administrators, clinical professors, program managers, site coordinators, and other roles.

The Award

This award was presented at the 11th Annual Resident Talent Night, on Thurs. Sept. 27, 2018. A huge congratulations to the following recipients:

Dr. Cori Gabana, PGY-1 Basic Clinical Year Program Director- RCH Site

Her residents had many great things to say about her, including:

  • “Her door is always open and her candy bowl and Kleenex box is always full. She provides a welcoming and safe space to share personal and professional concerns and as a result you feel fully supported.”
  • “Last year, she fixed the call room toilets, got 2 new call rooms installed, arranged for us to park on a closer lot so residents wouldn’t have to walk in the dark to their cars, and addressed countless treatment and scheduling concerns.”
  • “She worked tirelessly over the last 3 years to implement system-wide changes to ensure residents were treated with respect in every rotation with appropriate call schedules. She advocated to have a wellness counsellor onsite at RCH to support learners and encouraged all of us to attend! This made a huge difference in the number of learners able to access counselling.”

Jana Ogdenova, Site Coordinator, Family Practice- Coastal Site

Her residents had many great things to say about her, including:

  • “Works her magic to ensure our rotations, vacations are exceptionally smooth and just about every kink in our education experiences are ironed out and got fixed. Responds in a very timely manner, super responsible. Our very approachable go-to person for everything- housekeeping matters or even if you just need an open ear!”
  • “She often goes above and beyond her duty to help us find things we need to settle down in the community. She often helps our families by providing helpful ideas to help them adapt. As our families are happy we are doing well in residency! Big part of this belongs to Jana.”
  • “She manages everything very well and takes a bit part of residency burden from residents’ shoulders.”

4th Annual PGME Faculty & Staff Wellness Award

Nominations for next year’s PGME Faculty & Staff Wellness Award will open in summer 2019.